This is one of those “I scrolled down hoping for an explanation” things

Dude went to a Magic: The Gathering tournament and saw a whole lot of ass hanging out and decided to have fun with it.

This dude is also banned from said tournament because this photoset got so popular and it was considered insulting to the players…….

A true martyr.

He looks like the pained son of Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow


Doodle I never quite managed to finish :(


im waiting for the day i can use this as a reaction image and confuse everyone for a good 5-30 seconds before they get it



Breaking News: Teenage girl does not always wear make up, let’s hair blow in wind. Sources are reporting instagram photos look different than paprazzi pictures taken without consent.


The cast of Hannibal playing ‘fake it ‘till you make it’.

Chris, why do you feel like Captain America is the perfect hero for our times?


I don’t know the source for this otherwise I’d give it

this is where I found it

but this is the most amazing solution to the biggest Harry Potter mystery

original source thanks to a lovely individual


"Thank you, Anna."


the basic appeal of warrior cats is like you’re 10 and you pick up a book with a cat on it and you love cats and whoa the book is from the point of view of a cat that’s so cool where’s that cat going what cool kitties who’s this yo what the fuck 

sliced bread is the greatest thing since betty white

Reblogging for that comment


id rather be vain than have low esteem bc ive experienced both and trust me being vain is way better

Yes, I tried turning it off and on
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